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The collection consists of land records received from the Fairhope Title and Survey Company. The Fairhope Title and Survey Company was started in 1946 by Claude Arnold. Fairhope Title and Survey Company, Inc. was registered at Baldwin county on July 1, 1965 as a domestic corporation. The date span for this collection of records: 1820-1966
Surveyed land maps separated by section, township, and range - Year Range: 1830 - 1971
Baldwin County Marriage Records are official documents that contain information about marriages certified in Baldwin County, Alabama. These may include Baldwin County marriage licenses, applications, certificates and registries. This collection date span is 1800-1954.
Created to preserve the heritage of Baldwin County, Alabama. Founded in Fairhope, Alabama on September 12, 1923, as a non-profit organization. The society's mission is to bring together the citizens of Baldwin County to insure the preservation of our rich heritage for posterity. - Historical Quarterlies
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Type Date Range Location Description
CLAUDE ARNOLD COLLECTION 1926-1967 A2C6 Volanta - Blocks 14, 15, 16, & 17 SEC. 37 - T6S - R2E  View
CLAUDE ARNOLD COLLECTION 1926-1969 A2C6 Volanta - Block 12 (SEC. 37 - T6S - R2E)  View
CLAUDE ARNOLD COLLECTION 1926-1960 A2C6 Volanta - Block 13 (SEC. 37 - T6S - R2E)  View
CLAUDE ARNOLD COLLECTION 1839-1959 A2C6 Fairhope Alabama Lots 28,29 SEC 23 - T6S - R2E  View
CLAUDE ARNOLD COLLECTION 1836-1967 A2D6 SEC 12 - T7S - R2E  View
CLAUDE ARNOLD COLLECTION 1836-1955 A2C6 Fairhope Colored Subdivision SEC 20 - T6S - R2E  View
CLAUDE ARNOLD COLLECTION 1861-1961 A2C6 Central Park SEC 17 - T6S - R2E Blocks 1-5  View
CLAUDE ARNOLD COLLECTION 1944-1960 A2C6 Volanta - Block 10 (No Property Location)  View
CLAUDE ARNOLD COLLECTION 1840-1954 A2C6 Volanta - Block 9 (SEC. 37 - T6S - R2E)  View
MARRIAGE LICENSE & BONDS (WHITE) 1914-1919 A12A6 Fay B. Grifford and Minnie Williamson  View