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Marriage Licenses & Bonds (White) 1897-1954. Marriage Licenses & Bonds (Colored) 1897-1936, Miscellaneous Marriage Papers 1897-1944. Marriage Licenses & Bonds (Colored) consist of nine phases. Phase 1: 1897-1903, Phase 2: 1904-1907, Phase 3: 1908-1910, Phase 4: 1911-1915, Phase 5: 1916-1919, Phase 6: 1920-1923, Phase 7: 1924-1927, Phase 8: 1928-1931, Phase 9: 1932-1936. Within these Marriage Licenses are Marriage License Applications (Colored) 1917-1921. Applications consist of 2 Phases. Phase 1: 1917-1919 and Phase 2: 1920-1921. Marriage records for the years 1837 through 1845 were reported as missing entirely from the courthouse. People in the courthouse who worked with these records stated that someone physically removed them and never returned them. It is our hope, the records will someday be returned, but meantime, we have precautions so this will not happen today. When searching for a name, it is a good practice, to remember to look for different spellings of that name. In earlier years, recorders of information did not take the care to spell a name correctly - many names were spelled according to sound. Additionally, the handwriting was sometimes misinterpreted - an "A" may have been later read as an "E", an "E", as an "I", etc. If the name is not located under your spelling, do not hesitate to try another way.
Surveyed land maps separated by section, township, and range - Year Range: 1830 - 1971
Created to preserve the heritage of Baldwin County, Alabama. Founded in Fairhope, Alabama on September 12, 1923, as a non-profit organization. The society's mission is to bring together the citizens of Baldwin County to insure the preservation of our rich heritage for posterity. - Historical Quarterlies