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 DescriptionApproval Date
RESOLUTION 2020-085 Allocates budget funds for Fiscal Year 2020 Resurfacing Project Group 5.04/21/2020
RESOLUTION 2020-083 Approves agreement with ALDOT for bridge deck replacements at County Road 65 over Turkey Branch and Doc McDuffie Road over Wolf Creek.04/21/2020
RESOLUTION 2020-082 Authorizes the BCC to enter into an Agreement with ALDOT for an Urbanized Area Public Transportation Project.04/21/2020
RESOLUTION 2020-081 Mid-year Budget Amendment.04/21/2020
RESOLUTION 2020-077 Approves Contract for Purchase and Sale between Estate of Joseph James Gottler, Jr. and BCC and authorizes the Chairman to execute the Contract.03/17/2020
RESOLUTION 2020-076 Refinancing Long Term Debt and Levying of Taxes03/17/2020
RESOLUTION 2020-075 Approves Case No. Z-20007, as it pertains to Planned Residential Development (PRD) Site Plan Approval for Savannah Estates, which is located in Planning (Zoning) District 15 and consists of approximately 122.3 acres.05/19/2020
RESOLUTION 2020-074 Approves Case No. TA-20001, as it pertains to amendments to the Baldwin County Ordinance, Article 2, Section 2.3.26, Local Provisions for Planning District 26.05/19/2020
RESOLUTION 2020-073 Utilize proceeds of taxes dericed by Act. No. 90-449 to purchase contracts to provide aeromedical services to members. 03/17/2020
RESOLUTION 2020-072 Amends Resolution 2002-31 reducing a portion of the service area granted to East Central Baldwin County Water, Sewer and Fire Protection Authority.03/17/2020
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