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 DescriptionApproval Date
RESOLUTION 2024-145 Authorizes Baldwin County to join the State of Alabama and other local governments as participants in current and future opioid settlements07/16/2024
RESOLUTION 2024-135 Authorizing the filing of the Fiscal Year 2025 Section 5311 Grant Application with the Department of Transportation, United States of America, and the Alabama Department of Transportation under the Federal Transit Act07/16/2024
RESOLUTION 2024-134 Authorizing BCC to commit up to $1,419,364.00 as local non-federal match for operations, administration, and capital (preventative maintenance) expenditures under Section 5311 Non-urbanized Public Transportation Program during FY 2025 with approximately $07/16/2024
RESOLUTION 2024-132 Authorizing the transfer of ownership, maintenance, and responsibility for Parker Lane to City of Daphne.07/2/2024
RESOLUTION 2024-131 Authorizes the closing of certain public buildings owned or leased by and under the control of the BCC, only on Friday, July 5, 202407/2/2024
RESOLUTION 2024-128 Approves Case No. Z24-16, Creekwood LLC Property Rezoning, as it pertains to the rezoning of 16 acres, more or less, as located in Planning (Zoning) District 39, from RSF-3, Residential Single Family, to RSF-4, Residential Single Family.07/16/2024
RESOLUTION 2024-127 Approves Case No. Z24-15, Swinson Property Rezoning, as it pertains to the rezoning of approximately 3.96 acres, more or less, located in Planning (Zoning) District 12, from RSF-3, Residential Single-Family District to B-3, General Business District.07/16/2024
RESOLUTION 2024-126 Updates the revenues and receipts derived from the cigarette tax levy of the BCC to be allocated on a percentage basis to certain organizations and programs 07/2/2024
RESOLUTION 2024-125 Authorizes the BCC to enter into an agreement with the State of Alabama, acting by and through the ALDOT, regarding the acquisition and establishment of the 2024 computerized mapping project06/18/2024
RESOLUTION 2024-124 Dissolves the Baldwin County Library Board06/4/2024
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