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RESOLUTION 2023-191 Amends the Fiscal Year 2023 Budget authorizing the reallocation of $7,851.00 of unused capital funds allocated for concrete walkway, which was performed in the construction of the new building, to cover the additional cost of change order09/19/2023
RESOLUTION 2023-190 Amends the Fiscal Year 2023 Budget to authorize the movement of unused capital funds to cover payment of the FY23 True-Up invoice increase09/19/2023
RESOLUTION 2023-189 Authorizing the transfer of $2,250,000 from General Fund to the Animal Shelter09/19/2023
RESOLUTION 2023-185 Allocates $130,307.00 of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Funds for the ventilation improvement project at the Baldwin County Probate Office in Bay Minette, Alabama09/19/2023
RESOLUTION 2023-184 Amends the FY2023 Budget (Resolution #2022-165 and #2022-166, adopted September 20, 2022) to authorize the movement of funds from Fund Balance ($1,189,726.00) to various Operational Expense accounts with Solid Waste and Solid Waste Collection funds09/5/2023
RESOLUTION 2023-183 Authorizes the Chairman to execute a Fiber License Agreement with Gigapower, LLC for the installation, placement, operation and maintenance of an underground fiber optic network system09/5/2023
RESOLUTION 2023-182 Approves the Highway Department to prepare and submit an application for the FY2024 Alabama Transportation Rehabilitation and Improvement Program II (ATRIP-II) requesting federal funding for the State Hwy 181 and CR 24 Intersection Safety Improvement Proj09/5/2023
RESOLUTION 2023-181 Amends the FY2023 Budget to authorize the movement of funds in various accounts allowing the Highway Department to purchase a 2025 Mack Granite 64F Dump Truck for Area 200 Maintenance Facility09/5/2023
RESOLUTION 2023-180 Authorizes the renewal of the Franchise Agreement (Acceptance of Terms of Resolution 2011-085) between BCC and Mediacom Southeast, LLC for cable television services09/5/2023
RESOLUTION 2023-179 Designates the rooms to be occupied in the Revenue Commission (Reappraisal) Building located in Robertsdale, Alabama09/5/2023
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