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 DescriptionApproval Date
RESOLUTION 2019-135 Encourages ALDOT to review the design requirements for the proposed I-10 Mobile River Bridge and Bayway Project.08/6/2019
RESOLUTION 2019-133 Amendment 750/772 Transfer of Property from BCC to BCEDA - Megasite07/25/2019
RESOLUTION 2019-127 Amends the Baldwin County Subdivision Regulations.08/6/2019
RESOLUTION 2019-126 Repeals Resolution 2019-097 and authorizes the submission of the question if a special ad valorem district school tax shall be levied and collected annually in District 7 (Spanish Fort).07/16/2019
RESOLUTION 2019-123 Commends Ms. Mary Kemp for representing Baldwin County in the 2019 National Senior Games in Albuquerque, New Mexico and congratulates her on her achievements.07/16/2019
RESOLUTION 2019-122 Amends BCC Policy 7.4 - Solid Waste Landfill Tipping Fees and Commercial Account Late Fees.08/6/2019
RESOLUTION 2019-121 Fiscal Year 2020 High Risk Rural Roads Traffic Control Device Project - County Road 112 from US Highway 31 to Alabama/Florida Stateline.07/16/2019
RESOLUTION 2019-120 Approves an Agreement with ALDOT for the financing of construction costs associated with the CR 9 Bridge Replacement over Barner Branch.07/16/2019
RESOLUTION 2019-119 Appoints Gillian Hartman as a member of the Cindy Haber Center, Inc. Board of Directors.07/16/2019
RESOLUTION 2019-118 Provides for an appropriation for the Baldwin County Commission Promotional Items.07/2/2019
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