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 DescriptionApproval Date
RESOLUTION 2024-125 Authorizes the BCC to enter into an agreement with the State of Alabama, acting by and through the ALDOT, regarding the acquisition and establishment of the 2024 computerized mapping project06/18/2024
RESOLUTION 2024-124 Dissolves the Baldwin County Library Board06/4/2024
RESOLUTION 2024-123 Allocating up to $400,000.00 of ARPA Revenue Replacement Funds for the contracted engineering design professional services costs for the Scenic Highway 98 Bridge Replacement Project.06/18/2024
RESOLUTION 2024-121 Authorizes an agreement between BCC and ALDOT for funding of Preliminary Engineering, ROW, Construction and Construction Engineering Inspection for the Intersection Improvement Proj at State Hwy 181 andCR 2405/21/2024
RESOLUTION 2024-120 Exempts covered items from all County Sales and Use Taxes with said exemption commencing at 12:01 a.m. on the third Friday of July, 2024 (July 19, 2024), and expiring at midnight on the following Sunday in July, 2024 (July 21, 2024).05/21/2024
RESOLUTION 2024-118 Superseding and repealing Resolution #2023-192, requiring all residences in the unincorporated areas of the county to participate in solid waste collection, regulating the operation of that program and adopting a convenient recycling program. 05/21/2024
RESOLUTION 2024-117 Allocation of ARPA funds in the amount of $754,920.21 for the cost of the Drainage Improvements along County Road 65 Project05/21/2024
RESOLUTION 2024-116 Provides the BCC's required approval for the Elsanor Volunteer Fire/Rescue Department to utilize its proceeds of taxes derived by Act. No. 90-449 as security for repayment of a loan not to exceed $655,074.0005/21/2024
RESOLUTION 2024-115 Amends FY2024 Budget (Res #2023-186 and Res #2023-187, adopted September 28, 2023) to allocate additional funds for mid-year adjustments05/7/2024
RESOLUTION 2024-114 Amends FY2024 Budget (Res 2023-186 and Res 2023-187, adopted September 28, 2023) to authorize the reallocation of FY 2024 funding05/7/2024
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