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 DescriptionApproval Date
RESOLUTION 2020-039 Selects and confirms the appointment of Raymond James as the bond underwriter for the Baldwin County Commission for this issuance.12/3/2019
RESOLUTION 2020-038 Amends BC Fiscal Year 2020 Budget related to the design and construction of the ICW Boat Launch.12/3/2019
RESOLUTION 2020-037 Commends Deputy Sergeant Gregory Daniels upon the occasion of his retirement as Sergeant of the Judicial Protective Services Division of the BCSO and for his years of distinguished public service.12/3/2019
RESOLUTION 2020-036 Provides the Baldwin County Commisison's required approval for the Lillian Volunteer Fire Department to utilize its proceeds of taxes as security for repayment of a loan.12/3/2019
RESOLUTION 2020-035 Approves the declaration of certain AutoMark Voting Machines as surplus property and authorizes the transfer of the machines to Election Systems & Software for a credit towards ExpressVote Voting Machines.12/3/2019
RESOLUTION 2020-029 Amends the Baldwin County Fiscal Yeaer 2020 Budget.11/19/2019
RESOLUTION 2020-028 Roundabout at County Road 13 and County Road 44 Project.11/19/2019
RESOLUTION 2020-027 Approves the execution of a construction funding agreement with ALDOT related to CR 71 and CR 28.11/19/2019
RESOLUTION 2020-026 Approves the financing of prelimiinary engineering costs associated with the additioin of paved shoulders on County Road 99 from Carrier Drive to Spanish Cove Drive.11/19/2019
RESOLUTION 2020-021 Allows the Commission the ability to reimburse the general fund utilizing funds from the General Obligation Warrants, Series 2019 in the amount of $1,500,000.00 fro the interior build-out of the second floor of the Fairhope Satellite Courthouse11/5/2019
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