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 DescriptionApproval Date
RESOLUTION 2018-051 Levies the annual millage rates for ad valorem property taxes for Baldwin County, Alabama.02/6/2018
RESOLUTION 2018-050 Delays opening county owned facilities north of Interstate 10 until 9:00 a.m. only on January 18, 2018.01/17/2018
RESOLUTION 2018-049 Approves the request from Huggers Landing-Oyster Bay VFD to utilize proceeds of taxes as security for repayment of loan to purchase new equipment.01/16/2018
RESOLUTION 2018-043 Amends Resolution 2017-051 and provides for the comprehensive establishment or limited changes and alterations of the configuration, boundaries, or designation of the voting precincts and designation of voting places in Baldwin County.01/16/2018
RESOLUTION 2018-042 Approves name change of MR/DD Board, Inc. to Cindy Haber Center, Inc. and and modifies its Articles of Incorporation.01/16/2018
RESOLUTION 2018-041 Authorizes the Chairman, staff and County Attorney to take any and all action deemed necessary to file a notice of claim in that certain case styled In RE: TK Holdings, Inc., ET AL., Debtors, Chapter 11, Case No. 17-11375.12/19/2017
RESOLUTION 2018-040 Approving the filing of civil complaint against manufacturers and distributors of prescription opioids.01/2/2018
RESOLUTION 2018-037 Amends Resolution 2018-031 regarding the replacement, adoption, levy, assessment and collection of Ad Valorem Tax: Replacement of the Levy of One (1) Mill Ad Valorem Tax.12/19/2017
RESOLUTION 2018-035 Resolution and order authorizing an escrow deposit and a refunding trust agreement with Regions Bank to refund a portion of the County's outstanding Series 2015 Warrants on November 1, 2024.12/19/2017
RESOLUTION 2018-034 Reschedules the 1st work session in February 2018.01/16/2018
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